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A Guide To Help You Choose An Event Planner

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Do you intend to hold a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party? An event planner will help make your party a success. The primary role of the event planner is to ensure that the host has peace of mind before, during, and after the party. He or she will handle the vital aspects of the planning process and provide consultation on how to improve the comfort of your guests. Below is a guide to help you choose the best event planner for your party. 

You cannot compromise when it comes to event planning. As such, you should only work with the best. Seek referrals and check the internet to identify reputable event planners in your area. Conduct an interview to examine whether the event planner is the right fit for your party. Some of your concerns should include:

  • Has the event planner handled similar events in the past? Small parties are easy to plan. However, you would be concerned about the planner's expertise when planning a corporate event or a party when you will have hundreds of guests.
  • Inquire about the planner's availability. Typically, he or she should be readily available to address your needs.
  • The planner should have reasonable terms of hire. For instance, he or she should have reasonable and adjustable prices. Additionally, the planner should have a friendly dispute resolution mechanism.  
  • The planner should have general liability insurance coverage. 

The planner should help you prepare an event timeline. It is a document that details all the activities that you should consider before the party. For instance, you should provide the planner with a list of all guests that you intend to invite to the party. The planner will send invites and make follow-ups to know the exact number of guests that will attend the party. The event planner will also help you choose an appropriate venue. He or she will check your party budget and advise which locations you should consider. The party planner should provide tents, décor, and lighting for your event. He or she will also advise you on catering. For instance, what food and drinks should you serve at the party? What catering service should you use? 

An experienced caterer will help you manage event risks. For instance, he or she should organise a secondary venue if the primary venue is not available. Besides, the professional should plan for extra guests and emergencies such as fire on the D-day. 

When choosing an event caterer, check his or her reputation, expertise, professionalism and risk management skills. From the onset, you planner should inform you whether he or she will subcontract your work. 

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